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The INUIT Foundation of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" is officially recognized and supervised by the Italian Ministry of Education. The Foundation operates in the interests of the University Tor Vergata and promotes, develops and coordinates research and development programs, educational initiatives, and cultural activities in the ICT area.

INUIT identifies, develops, and engineers products and technologies in the Information Technology sector, in particular related to complex network and telecommunication services, ICT security, digital identity management, cooperation in distributed electronic business processes and the management and exchange of multimedia data in networks.

Fondazione INUIT has strategic and operational objectives in research and application of innovative technologies in the field of security of electronic systems, the issuing, revocation, and lifecycle management of electronic identities – using all suitable technologies including mobile devices and smartcards – as well as the design, implementation and management of the associated digital services.

Fondazione INUIT further develops methods and tools providing ICT based support for personalized medicine. In this rapidly developing field of high importance INUIT collaborates closely with the medical schools of Tor Vergata and Harvard University.

INUIT develops educational programs both for the University Tor Vergata as well as the public and private sector. Educational programs include activities to promote international standardization in collaboration with ITU-T.  To reach out stakeholders in the public and private sector who hardly respond to conventional teaching approaches the Fondazione  (in collaboration with experienced partners) develops e.g. videos to alert and raise the awareness of policy and decision makers.

Fondazione INUIT, promotes and disseminates within and outside the University ICT research and innovative ICT solutions designed and developed by Tor Vergata researchers.

Fondazione INUIT researchers coordinated and participated in EU funded FP7 projects like the thematic network SSEDIC (Scoping the Single European digital Identity Community) and EuroPetition. Fondazione INUIT supports the SSEDIC.2020 initiative which builds on the SSEDIC results. Fondazione INUIT researchers work with ITU-T and NIST on international standardization in the area of ICT security and identity management and are voting members of the US based IDESG (Identity Ecosystem Steering Group). Fondazione Inuitfurther supports and participates in research activities with MIT on network security and Harvard Medical Schoool in the area of ICT based personalized medicine.

In Italy, Fondazione INUIT researchers collaborate with the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Agriculture, the public administration of all Italian regions and municipalities, the Italian Social Security service, the Italian  Internal Revenue Service, among others in the area of ICT mediated inter agency cooperation including inter agency data exchange over the internet and the Public Connectivity System(SPC).



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